Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular Massage in Birmingham, AL

A Solution For Nerve Pain.

Neuromuscular Therapy effectively relieves nerve pain by finding and  eliminating trigger points.  A trigger point is a knot in the muscle that presses on a nerve.

The defining trait of a trigger point is that they cause sensations (pain, numbness, tingling, burning) to travel away from the location of the trigger point to other areas of the body.

For instance, you could have a headache that is caused by a trigger point in your neck, or a pain in your leg caused by a trigger point in your low back.

By receiving Neuromuscular Therapy you will be able to see lasting results, because the purpose of this technique is to treat the source of the problem instead of the symptom.

How The Process Works

Schedule Your Appointment.

Schedule your massage for a day and time that works with your schedule.

We Customize A Plan Just For You.

Once you arrive to your appointment, your therapist will sit down with you to come up with the best plan of action.

It’s Time For Your Session!

Your therapist will use deep tissue massage techniques to locate trigger points. Once a trigger point is found, direct pressure will be applied until the pain or discomfort associated with the trigger point is gone.

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