Massage Therapist Resources

Resources for massage therapy professionals and students

Massage Therapist Resources

All of the resources compiled on this page were hand picked by Massage Therapists and Massage Therapy instructors

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Reference Websites

Physiopedia – Physiopedia is a collaborative effort by physiotherapist to share their knowledge and insights.

Online Publications and Articles

Massage & Bodywork Magazine – “Massage and Bodywork” offers an online version of their bi-monthly publication for free. You can also scroll through archives of older issues.

Massage Therapy Journal – The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) also has archives of the “Massage Therapy Journal” on their website free for anyone to view.  The layout of the archive is great because they have transcribed each article to their website instead of making the entire magazine into a PDF file. This makes it much easier to navigate.

A&P – Anatomy & Physiotherapy – You can find some interesting articles at A&P. There are subcategories that make it easy to find articles related to specific areas of the body or a certain topic.


“Trail Guide to the Body” by Andrew Biel

The Trail Guide to the Body is a must have for any manual therapist. The great thing about this book is that it’s specifically tailored to massage therapists. It includes absolutely stunning illustrations of the muscular and skeletal systems with step by step instructions on how to locate specific muscles and bony landmarks.

“Anatomy Coloring Book”  by Lawrence M Elson and Wynn Kapit

Want a fun way to brush up on your anatomy? Pick up a copy of “The Anatomy Coloring Book” and a pack of colored pencils to learn or re-familiarize yourself with the anatomical structures of the body.

“Job’s Body – A Handbook for Bodywork” by Deane Juhan

“Job’s Body” is a fascinating read. It explores the topics of anatomy, physiology and philosophy as it relates to Massage and other forms of touch therapy. One thing that is so satisfying about this book is that it examines the importance of touch in relation to our mental, emotional and physical well-being.

“Anatomy Trains” by Tom Myers

Anatomy Trains” developed by Tom Meyers (Student of Dr. Ida Rolf)  has some of the most intriguing illustrations of fascial lines.

” Energy Medicine – The Scientific  Basis” by James L Oschman

This is a great read for any manual therapist who is interested in the different forms of energy work.

Facebook Groups

Massage Nerd Group – open to massage therapy students and proffessional massage therapists

Massage Sloth Clubhouse – Massage lazy. Get results

Smartphone Apps

Muscle and Bone Anatomy 3D – by Real Bodywork      iTunes | Androind | Windows

Muscle Trigger Points – by Real Bodywork       iTunes | Androind | Windows

Essential Anatomy 3 – by 3D4 Medical        iTunes | Androind | Windows | Mac

Massage Therapy Supplies – Massage Warehouse is a reliable and convenient source for ordering massage therapy supplies and equipment.


“Why does massage hurt?” – Tom Myers