Now Offering Myofascial Release

We are excited to announce that we are now offering Myofascial Release!

Myofascial Release is a massage therapy and bodywork technique that has been shown to be an effective method for reducing pain and increasing range of motion.

Learn more about Myofascial Release.

Owner and massage therapist at Alternative Pain Management, William Henson, has completed John Barnes’ Myofascial Release seminar in Denver this past week and plans to begin utilizing the techniques he has learned.

People who have Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome may benefit from Myofascial Release, as it uses minimal pressure applied by the massage therapist to ease myofascial tension in pain sensitive areas of the body.

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Introductory Massage Special

Receive 10% off your first Massage Therapy & Bodywork session at Alternative Pain Management in Birmingham Alabama.

If you have never received massage before or if you have been on the hunt for a good massage therapist, our introductory rate gives you a chance to try our services at a discounted price.

Introductory Rates

30 minute session – $36 (normally  $40)

60 minute session – $63 (normally $70)

90 minute session – $90 (normally  $100)

Discounts applied at checkout. Cannot be combined with other offers.

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5 Easy Ways to Manage Stress

How do you react when things don’t go as planned? Do you roll with the punches? Or does anxiety keep you from enjoying life?

Here are 5 simple things to help manage your stress. 

1. Take some deep breathes. It will help you relax

2. Get a massage.  There are numerous health benefits attributed to massage therapy including a decrease in levels of cortisol (a stress hormone). It’s a great way to recharge and you will leave feeling like a million dollar bowl of jelly.

If you are in the Birmingham AL area Check out our licensed massage therapists at Alternative Pain Management.

3. Sign up for a yoga class. The costs are nominal, and you’ll feel more relaxed after just one session. Try the free yoga classes at Railroad Park in Birmingham

4. Get more sleep.

“Tired” and “cranky” seem to go hand in hand, and It’s common for most people to face the day on less than 6 hours of sleep a night. Experts tell us that we need at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night; not just for our bodies to rest, but to also rejuvenate our minds. When we are deprived of sleep, things always seem to be more stressful than they really are. If you have difficulty sleeping, a good massage can help promote a restful nights sleep. Meditation has also been shown to promote better sleep.

5. Take a vacation.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive weekend at the beach. A morning hike in the woods, or an afternoon at the park will do just fine. Just anywhere you can clear your mind. Take time for yourself, you’ll feel better if you do.

Stress is unavoidable, but it’s up to us to take control and do something about it. Experiment with these suggestions and see what works for you!

More tips coming soon!

Article by William Henson @ Alternative Pain Management – Birmingham AL Massage Therapy