Introductory Massage Special

Introductory Massage Special

Receive 10% Off your first Massage Therapy session at Alternative Pain Management in Birmingham, Alabama. 

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If you have been on the hunt for a massage therapist, our introductory rates give you a chance to try our services at a discounted price.

Rates (Discount applied)

30 minute massage – $36 (Save $4)

60 minute massage – $63 (Save $7)

90 minute massage – $90 (Save $10)

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Support ACE of Alabama When You Purchase a Massage Gift Certificate

A Portion of Every Massage Therapy Gift Certificate Sold Goes to Support ACE (Alaquest Collaborative for Education)

This year, from November 24th through December 24th, we are donating 10% of our massage therapy gift certificate sales to Alaquest Collaborative for Education.

Alaquest is a nonprofit in Birmingham, Alabama that focuses on bringing social and emotional learning programs to our local schools to help students:

-Manage emotions
-Set and achieve goals
-Feel and show empathy for others
-Establish and maintain positive relationships
-Make responsible decisions

Learn more about ACE

Everyone Is Welcome At Alternative Pain Management

At Alternative Pain Management we have a zero tolerance policy for intolerance. This means that everyone is welcome at our facility regardless of skin color,  sexual orientation, religion, gender identity,  body type, or country of origin.

We provide massage therapy services to all walks of life without judgement or discrimination.

This is not just a policy set in place by Alternative Pain Management; It is a personal conviction that we have carried over into our work. A belief that humanity, community and love can be just as healing as any therapy you can receive.







Feeling Sore After Your Massage?

Are you feeling sore after your massage therapy session? Don’t worry, it’s actually pretty common, especially among those who are new to massage or receiving massages with deep pressure.  

Reasons why you may feel sore after your massage.

Receiving deep tissue massage and other deep pressure massage techniques

If you begin to notice that the areas that received massage are tender to the touch and maybe even a little red or puffy, there is no cause for alarm. This is what we refer to as therapeutic inflammation and is usually gone within a day or two.

During a deep tissue massage and other more forceful forms of massage therapy, the therapist finds and literally breaks apart adhesions (knots) and scar tissue that has built-up in the soft tissues of the body over time.

Once the scar tissue and adhesions are broken up, the inflammatory response rushes blood to the area to protect and repair the damaged tissue. The excess blood flow accounts for the swelling and redness that may occur in the tissue.

Receiving your very first massage.

Sometimes those who are new to massage experience some soreness or weakness the day after their first massage. Most people compare the soreness that follows their first massage therapy session to the post-workout soreness you experience the day after a rigorous workout. 

After a day or two the soreness will fade and allow you to truly appreciate the benefits you’ve received from your massage therapy session. You may notice that you have a greater range of motion or that a pain that has been bugging you for months is finally gone.

Ways to help with post massage soreness.

  • Rest– Give your body time to recover. Just for a day, take a break from the gym and any activities that might cause further irritation.
  • Ice the area– icing areas of local tenderness will help to reduce inflammation and the discomforts associated with it. (It is suggested to avoid using heat on any areas that are inflamed as heat can irritate inflamed tissue)
  • Take an epsom salt bath – a luke-warm epsom salt bath is a great way to combat some of the soreness you may be feeling after your massage. Epsom salt is the mineral compound Magnesium Sulfate, which provides nutrients to the muscles and other soft tissues of the body. It takes a while for the Magnesium Sulfate to absorb through the skin so its suggested that you soak for at least 20 minutes or longer.

Post massage soreness should begin to subside in about two or three days after your session. If the discomfort continues  for a prolonged period of time or increases in intensity, you may want to consult with your physician.


APM Update: Reception Service Added

Alternative Pain Management Reception Service

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our customer experience at Alternative Pain Management. That is why we have hired a reception service to answer your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This ensures that you will always be able to speak directly with a person instead of being forwarded to an answering machine or being sent to voicemail.

Here is a list of what our receptionists can help you with

  • Scheduling a massage session 
  • Rescheduling
  • Cancelling appointments
  • Leaving a message for your therapist

Call us today:

(205) 516-7024

Our receptionists are not trained in Massage Therapy and can only provide basic information about our services. If you wish to speak directly with one of our licensed massage therapist for a brief phone consultation, leave a message with the receptionist and someone from our team will reach out to you.

If you would like to schedule a house-call or chair massages for an event or function, please leave a message with the receptionist and one of our therapist will personally reach out to you.

We hope that this makes your interactions with us as simple and enjoyable as possible.  Let us know if you have any questions comments or suggestions.

Now Hiring

Massage Therapist position open in Birmingham Alabama.

We are looking for a professional licensed massage therapist to become a part of the Alternative Pain Management team. At this time we are seeking a female therapist  since our only female therapist, Jennifer,  will be going on maternity leave in the near future.

Call (205) 516-7024 to set up an interview.


Job opportunity Information

Position Open: Licensed Massage Therapist.


  • Certification in Therapeutic Massage 
  • Certification or experience in Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Alabama Massage Therapy License (active)
  • Massage liability insurance (active)

Status: Independent Contractor.

Pay Rate: $28 (per 60 minute session) + tips

Commissions: Sales are not required.

  • 10% for all product sales .
  • $10 bonus for each client that signs up for our membership.

Services Provided By Alternative Pain Management

  • Scheduling
  • Reception
  • Advertising
  • Laundry Services
  • Office cleaning & maintenance

Perks of Working with Alternative Pain Management

  • 1 free 60 minute massage per month
  • Reimbursement of CEU’s
  • We help you build your clientele. 
  • You are free to leave the office during times when you are not performing massage.

10 Tips for Safe Effective Stretching

Stretching muscles

Stretching and Yoga can be a great way to relieve aches and tension in overworked muscles, but on occasion someone will end up doing more damage than good. That is why I have compiled this list of useful pointers that can help make stretching safer and more effective.

1) Breathe 

This may seem like common sense, but there are so many people out there who hold their breath while stretching. When you hold your breath during a stretch or yoga pose, it is difficult for your muscles to relax and can even result in injury. Taking deep, even breaths will allow you to relax which will take you even deeper into the stretch.

2) Warm up / Pre-stretch

Don’t start off your stretch routine by trying to twist yourself into a pretzel. Start slow and ease your way into the more difficult stretches. Some things you can do for a warm up include walking, calisthenics and light stretching,

3) Wear comfortable clothing

Wear clothes that are comfortable and allow you to move through your full range of motion (gym shorts, yoga pants, tank tops and t-shirts will do). Try to avoid baggy clothes; even though they are comfy, they can get in the way sometimes.

4) Find a quiet place to stretch

It is way too easy to get distracted when stretching, so find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Stretching and yoga is best when you can focus all of your attention towards the stretch and your body.

5) Be aware / Listen to your body

Like I mentioned above, stretching works best when you are focusing your attention on your body and the sensations that arise when stretching. Your body has a way of communicating its likes and dislikes, and with just a little bit of practice you can learn how to listen to it.

An example of this would be a painful sensation felt during a stretch. Pain is the body’s way of saying “Stop doing that, you idiot!”; and when it speaks, it’s best to listen to what it has to say because the body knows what it wants.

6) Don’t force a stretch

Too many people out there injure themselves badly by overstretching. I have been guilty of this in the past, but I learned my lesson quickly. If the stretch is painful, back out of it until the pain diminishes.

7) Ease into it

One way to avoid over stretching is to slowly ease into a stretch until you hit a point of resistance and hold the stretch at that point. Here is where the breathing comes into play. Once you are engaged in the stretch, start to take those deep even breaths, and you will find yourself sinking deeper and deeper into the stretch with every exhale.

8) Stay hydrated…All day, every day

The human body is made up of approximately 70% water, so it only makes sense that we need to drink plenty of water to help us function. Hydration is important for overall health but it also helps keep muscles nice and supple. If you are dehydrated, so are your muscles.

9) Avoid bouncing

Bouncing while you stretch is called ballistic stretching and has been shown to damage muscle tissue by causing microscopic tears in the muscle fibers. These tiny little tears cause local inflammation and discomfort which completely defeats the purpose for stretching in the first place.

10) Consult your physician

If you have any preexisting health conditions it is best to consult with your doctor before starting any stretching regiment or yoga routine. This is to ensure that it will be safe for you to do so.

Whatever your reason for stretching or doing yoga may be, I hope that you find these tips to be useful in developing safe and effective stretching practices.

Article written by:

William Henson lmt/nmt – Owner/Therapist @ Alternative Pain Management Massage Therapy & Bodywork Studio

Birmingham, Alabama

Now Offering Myofascial Release

We are excited to announce that we are now offering Myofascial Release!

Myofascial Release is a massage therapy and bodywork technique that has been shown to be an effective method for reducing pain and increasing range of motion.

Learn more about Myofascial Release.

Owner and massage therapist at Alternative Pain Management, William Henson, has completed John Barnes’ Myofascial Release seminar in Denver this past week and plans to begin utilizing the techniques he has learned.

People who have Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome may benefit from Myofascial Release, as it uses minimal pressure applied by the massage therapist to ease myofascial tension in pain sensitive areas of the body.

Schedule your Myofascial Release Massage at Alternative Pain Management today!

Introductory Massage Special

Receive 10% off your first Massage Therapy & Bodywork session at Alternative Pain Management in Birmingham Alabama.

If you have never received massage before or if you have been on the hunt for a good massage therapist, our introductory rate gives you a chance to try our services at a discounted price.

Introductory Rates

30 minute session – $36 (normally  $40)

60 minute session – $63 (normally $70)

90 minute session – $90 (normally  $100)

Discounts applied at checkout. Cannot be combined with other offers.

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Massage Giveaway

Monthly Massage Giveaway

We will be giving away massage therapy gift certificates to a randomly selected winner every month on our Facebook page. Some times we might even throw in a Theraband foot roller or a tube of BioFreeze.

To enter for your chance to win just find the giveaway post on our Facebook page and follow the instructions.

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