How do you react when things don’t go as planned? Do you roll with the punches? Or does anxiety keep you from enjoying life?

Here are 5 simple things to help manage your stress. 

1. Take some deep breathes. It will help you relax

2. Get a massage. There are numerous health benefits attributed to massage including a decrease in cortisol, a stress hormone. It’s also a great way to recharge and you will leave feeling like a million dollar bowl of jelly.

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3. Sign up for a yoga class. The costs are nominal, and you’ll feel more relaxed after  just one session. Try the free yoga classes at Railroad Park in Birmingham

4. Get more sleep. It’s common for most people to face the day on less than 6 hours of sleep a night. But experts tell us that we need at least 8 hours. Not just for our bodies to rest, but to rejuvenate our minds as well. “Tired” and “cranky” seem to go hand in hand. If you have difficulty sleeping, a good massage can help promote a restful nights sleep.

5. Take a vacation. It doesn’t have to be an expensive weekend at the beach. A morning hike in the woods, or an afternoon at the park will do just fine. Just anywhere you can clear your mind. Take time for yourself, you’ll feel better if you do.

Stress is unavoidable, but it’s up to us to take control and do something about it. Experiment with these suggestions and see what works for you!

More tips coming soon!

Article courtesy of William Henson @ Alternative Pain Management – Birmingham AL Massage Therapy